Tell us, what is your sauce made of?

Everything in our sauce has been organically grown and cultivated by local farmers so that we can carefully hand-pick and select their best produce. Nothing harmful comes in contact with our ingredients, and our all-natural vegetables are completely flawless (without any signs of imperfections) when they’re ready to be hand-chopped and sliced.

I’ve tried them, and you definitely get the ‘WOW’ factor with each one. Can you tell us a little bit about your process? 

Details are extremely important to us. We want you, your friends, and your families to thoroughly enjoy our sauce; like we personally made a batch for you. Instead of making one humungous batch of sauce in one pot, we make tons of small pots for one humungous batch. This allows for us to ensure quality, freshness and flavor. Chances are you’ll notice the difference in your first bite.

If you want to know our exact process, we’re always: thinking, experimenting, selecting, chopping, heating, pouring, listing, adding, mixing, simmering, roasting, searing, stirring, tasting, cooling, tasting, measuring, packaging, sealing and refrigerating. 

Sounds pretty intense. What can people make with it?

It is, but it’s worth it. 

Our sauces were created to be multi-purpose; giving our home cooks the complete freedom to create whichever gourmet dish that they’d like in as little as minutes. Your default option is using our sauces with your favorite pasta, but it can be used as a dip, as a soup, over vegetables, over fish, on chicken, and with beef. Some people want to stick a straw through the bag like a juice box, but it’s not one of my recommendations, and I have many.  

Will you be providing recipes? 

Yes. Keep checking our website for updates on new recipes. You can also upload your own pictures and recipes to share with our sauce lover community. It’s amazing with what people come up with.

How long do these simmering pouches last in the refrigerator, and can you freeze them?

We suggest that you enjoy our sauce within 14 days. Since there are no preservative, additives or artificial flavors in our sauce, we can’t sit around for an unknown period of time like the other guys on the shelf. Let them claim what they will as far as freshness goes, but we’re not buying it.  

Do you ship?

Currently, we do not ship. However, if there is a request for an order, we wouldn’t mind considering it as an option. 

How can someones stay updated?

We’re very active on social media, so we can be liked and shared on Facebook. Followed on Instagram. We also have a website where you can sign-up with your email to get event details and special offers. We’re not trying to hide so if you can help us get the word out, you’re AWESOME. There’s nothing like a genuine recommendation.